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Messy Church

Messy Church Page

Messy Church is part of a world wide expression of Church that focuses on

  • Hospitality – we have a meal together
  • Being Christ Centred – we share our Christian Faith
  • Creativity – we do lots of messy creative things
  • Celebration – we love music and celebrating all part of life together
  • Intergenerational – we don’t divide people up by age groups or gender – they do things together.

We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 5 pm to 7.15 pm.  Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome and every child must be accompanied by an adult.  Donations towards the costs of Messy Church are very welcome.  People often ask how much and we encourage people to be as generous as they can be.

What ever you pay to take your family for a fast food meal is a good place to start.